Jamset Lounge

acoustic room - technical specifications

Jamset Lounge is a quick to assemble booth system with impressive acoustic capabilities and design.
- No screws or adhesive, elements can be seamlessly assembled
- Requires little space and no modification of premises
- Acoustic panels and treatment allow studio-grade sound quality
- Excellent sound absorption thanks to materials made from high quality wood


- Standardized level difference according to ISO 140-4 Standard
- Frequence range according to reference curcve IS0 717-1

DnT (dB)

Reference curve ISO 717-1

Isolation value
- ISO 717-1: DnT,w (C,Ctr) = 46 (-2 ; -6) dB
- NF S31-057: DnT (A) = 44,5 dBA


External size : width x depth x height: 4,08 x 4,08 x 2,26 m.
Internal size : width x depth x height: 3,90 x 3,90 x 2,10 m.
Minimum height : 2,31 m.
Weight : Approx. 2500 kg

Standard equipments

- Double wall wooden structure
- Absorbers and bass traps
- Glass door and windows
- Cable Tray, Electric pre-installation, LED Strip lights
- Ventilation system
- Grey carpet
- Wall standard color: White

Optional equipments

- Triple wall structure for maximum sound isolation
- Vicoustic Visquare Premium reflectors
- Extra soundproof windows
- Available in all RAL colors (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_RAL_colors)
- All sizes are available in 30 cm steps
- Internal ceiling height up to 270 cm inside
- Maximum size inside 6 x 9 m
- Special air conditionning and ventilation systems (active/passive muffler)
- Special anti-vandalism laminated bricks in case of public use


Jamset Lounge is shipped in 1 box. Other equipments like instruments and electronic hardware will be shipped separately.
A technical contact will be responsible for receiving shipment and store it until Jamset installation staff is present on premises to proceed the build-up.

Project Management & Support

A Jamset project manager will be dedicated to each customer, and will be responsible for pre-sales, onsite installation, delivery and quality assurance. A support portal (https://support.jamset.net) will be used to track every issue raised by customer and escalated to the relevant manager within Jamset's organisation.