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Instrument-sharing for hotels, workplaces & more

1/3 of people enjoy playing music. Jamset provides hotels, workplaces, airports and other venues with innovative music practice products.

Delight your guests with ready-to-use instruments, superior sound and players tools, without the investment and maintenance constraints.

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2 products

Jamset Pod

The music work station,
compact and fully-automated.

Jamset Box

Studio quality sound and instruments
in a soundproof environnement

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Activate your instrument - play - share

jamset studio

One app for all Jamsetters

  • Activate each instrument
  • Play solo or with others - create
    your own mix
  • Play with personalised backing tracks
  • Enjoy video lessons
  • Search for nearby players…
jamset mobile app

Be Part of Something Huge.

We’re building an ecosystem of amateur musicians in all these places.

HQs, enterprises & co-working
Public places
malls, campus,
public services
jamset solutions
hotels, resorts, cruise ships, co-living
lounges, gate services
festivals, conventions, stadiums

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